About Us

Three Lines is a Chartered Accountant practice which since 2002 has provided the services of a part time Financial Director for ambitious and ethical Managing Directors.


What will we deliver?

•    We will bring with us years of experience across all shapes and sizes of business – from start-ups to those experiencing rapid growth and those facing more challenging times.

•    We will free you up from the intricacies of understanding your cash flow and your income projections.

•    We will understand the challenges your business is facing.

•    We will respect that your strength and passion lies within the creativity of your business.

•    We won’t expect you to come to us with all the answers but instead will work with you to ensure that you are asking all the right questions.

When would you need Three Lines?

•    You have big plans for your business and you fundamentally recognise how important the financial health of your business is. A full time professional is overkill and the cost would be prohibitive.

•    You may concerns on the finances as you do not feel wholly comfortable that things are moving in the right direction or your business may already be in decline, but the penny has not dropped yet.

•    The business is in turmoil as cash flow is increasingly challenging,  your bank is no longer your friend or suppliers are putting you on stop.

We’re not scary, and we won’t mind if you don’t know your bottom line from your elbow, or even if you do not have a clear idea of what is needed right now. So if you would like a flexible support solution to better understand where your business is now financially and where it is going, we would love to hear from you and talk about you, your business & your plans. Phone 07872 691080 or email dns@three-lines.co.uk

It goes without saying that you will be our first port of call for any accountancy requirements that we may have beyond our in-house resource.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention how pleased I was with your input at what was a very difficult time for the Agency.

Your radical thinking set in train a process of change that has been most beneficial to our business and I am most appreciative of your input.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

Matt Fleming

Managing Director, Aylesworth Fleming

Services & Specialisms

Our specialism is offering commercially focused, independent support at Finance Director or non-executive director level, with a service tailored precisely to your needs. We can provide all of the compliance services expected of a Chartered Accountancy practice, or we can work alongside existing teams as required, providing robust financial commentary according to the service level you choose.

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