There is no wrong or right time when deciding to appoint a part-time Financial Director. However, the solution to all of the above is knowing your financial structure, cash flows and forecasts are robust and sustainable and having the right character for the job.

Our team works on an entirely flexible basis, with no fixed overhead, no monthly retainer and at a sensible hourly rate that business can sustain for as long as required. Employing the services of a part-time Financial Director is by far the most efficient route to gaining financial expertise, adding credibility to your business and maximising confidence by:

•    taking responsibility for full finance reporting
•    knowing where the business is now
•    planning for growth and opportunity
•    highlighting problems before they become critical
•    monitoring progress and setting key performance indicators
•    making the necessary decisions quickly and decisively
•    liaising with stakeholders in a considered way that they understand
•    understanding and interpreting business dynamics
•    Keeping investors happy – reporting in a timely manner
•    offering a flexible solution, be it weekly, daily or monthly

Most importantly your part-time Financial Director will provide you with all the financial information you need in a concise, accurate and timely way, leaving you free to do what you do best – running and growing a profitable creative business.

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