The Three Bottom Lines of Good Business Financial Management

The Three Bottom Lines We are often asked why we called ourselves Three Lines. It is because we feel that when considering the financial performance of your business, no matter what it’s size, strategy or business stage there are Three Fundamental Accounting Bottom...

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Client Of the Month

Who are they? - What do they do? - How do you help them?   Urban Village Homes is a new South London estate agency offering a high level of professional expertise on property sales and lettings from its new prominent and smartly branded offices on Denmark Hill,...

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Mission Statements

Mission Statements Whether a business is large or small, at Three Lines, we believe that every business should have a mission statement. A mission cannot succeed unless the mission is known and all parties involved are on the same mission. A mission statement will...

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The Importance of Timely Management Accounts

As an experienced Chartered Accountant, Part Time Finance Director, Management Accountant & Business Advisor, I am a person who likes order and must know where a business is now and heading via its vital management accounts, forecasts, and latest strategy. When I...

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Those who know our Managing Director will understand that he has a passion for music and if allowed can talk for hours about his favourite albums and bands. Music bands are of course businesses. Without naming names, there are two 70’s bands which are still going...

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Trying to run a business with no fuel in the tank?

When running a business, you could say it’s like running a car, you need every tool at your disposal and up to date reliable information. In business having a meaningful set of financial numbers is a huge part of this, and will help to ensure that: - • You can see...

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