You Have Grand Ambitions

You will, of course, have big business plans, and fundamentally you recognise how important the financial health of your business is, alongside your responsibilities to shareholders, staff, suppliers and other business stakeholders.

But you need professional guidance to take the business to the next level. Perhaps you need to prepare for raising external investment, but you are not sure which route is best for you with so many options now on the table.

While the cost of a full-time Financial Director would currently be prohibitive, you would value incisive, independent advice.

You May Have Concerns

Despite sales growth and your accountant telling you that the business is doing well,  you do not feel wholly comfortable that things are moving in the right direction and  you feel you are very much living in the day-to-day.

Alternatively, business may be already in decline, but the penny has not dropped yet. Sales are at best stagnating while profits reduce each year, and the once friendly bank manager is now demanding more information.

Perhaps you do not feel totally in control of your business finances. The bland monthly management accounts each month tell you things are all well and good, but you’re not entirely sure that you fully understand them, they don’t provide you with the information you need, or you just don’t truly believe them.

Or perhaps you are just producing the vital management accounts, but you know that by definition, this historic data is already out of date, and are therefore of little use.  In our experience, when there is a lack of management accounts, there is a lack of direction and focus to truly arm yourself with the right information to get the business where you need it to be.

Business is in Turmoil

Cash flow is challenging,  your bank is refusing to extend overdrafts, cheques are bouncing, suppliers are putting you on stop , HMRC have raised concerns, or you are struggling with bad debt. It is vital you do not ignore these warning signs if you wish to turn matters around.